Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here We Go.......

Well, if you've stumbled across my new blog...Welcome... I'm glad you're here. I'm kind of new to paper crafting, although I've made invitations for years, it's nothing like the world of all things paper that I'm about to dive into now. Santa was sweet enough to bring be a Cricut Expression for Christmas this year that I've been wanting for a few years (Thank You Santa!). So now that I have my Cricut set up I'm ready to use it.

In the last few weeks I've been partaking in my second favorite hobby, finding Great deals on crafting items I would like to own but are not items necessarily in my budget. I've been searching high & low for the best deals I can find on those addicting Cricut cartridges. Am I really the only one that has no self control??? I tend to watch cartridges on Ebay, fully knowing that I shouldn't even be looking at them because I'm still feeling the after effects of Christmas. BUT.... I can't help it, so what's a girl to do?

Someone on Facebook mentioned a website called Paper Crafting Pro that was having a great deal on Cricut cartridges, so I went to take a peek. Let's just say a peek turned into a gander, that turned into a 2 day spree. BUT, let me explain the reasoning behind this. You see, Paper Crafting Pro is a subscription based website, but they give you a 2 day free, yes I said FREE trial and you can purchase immediately without ever becoming a member, but let me say this. For the absolutely AMAZING deals they have, you'll want to become a member of their site, Promise!

Are you ready to see the Damage....???

Winter Wonderland, Just because, Winter Frolic, Weddings, Sweethearts, Superman,
Straight From The Nest, Simply Charmed, The Know, Paisley, Nifty Fifties & Give a Hoot 
& all 3 different size Cricut cutting  mats. 

Now please keep in mind a few things.... The cartridges were only $15-$17 ea...... Did you hear that, let me say it again, $15-$17/ea ....... And the mats were so inexpensive that it would have been silly for me to pass them up since I need new ones. For the 12 cartridges, 3 different size mats (2/pack) including shipping was $216 and when you consider each of the cartridges are on average $20 on Ebay to $89 on other sites, I think I got a GREAT deal!  The only negative thing I have to say is that after I placed my order, I realized that I doubled up on a cartridge I already had. So I called their customer service about 3-4 hours after placing the order to let them know and their CSR said she would call me back & let me know if she could switch out the duplicated cart, but she never called me back. Although IF had I been paying attention to what I had already bought, it wouldn't have been a problem in the first place.

Before I close this first entry out, I wanted to Thank You for coming by my blog. This is all new for me, but it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time. I have been crafting ever since I could remember starting with my mom and then with my boys. Crafting is therapy for me, it REALLY is. It's the one outlet that allows me to just relax and regroup. 

Along with the crafting, I want to be able to share what I enjoy crafting and I want to be inspired by others as well which is why I'm starting this blog.  I'm not promising that my blog will be like a lot of the other paper crafting blogs that are chalked full of different products & information, but I will try to make it an enjoyable time when you come by. I honestly may share more than my crafting, and I may get off topic at times but I will promise you a few things. I love to make people laugh and I love to laugh as well, so this will be a very light hearted positive blog. I'm at a new place in my life where I'm really trying to live my life in a positive way by being positive for my family & friends and trying to encourage others around me to be positive and find what really makes them happy. I've never really kept a blog although I started one a few years ago, it was very short lived after I found out my mom had breast cancer. So this is a 2nd attempt to write about what I love doing. I plan on trying to post at least a few times a week if not everyday and I Promise, not every entry will be this long winded :) Sooooo if you're up to the insanity, then I'm SOOOOO glad you're here!!!

P.s. - If there are certain blog rules that I'm not following, please email me and let me know, I don't want the blog police to be called on me just yet ;). Have a Fantastic weekend, and continue create the life of your dreams ~


  1. Just found your site and I have to say it all sounds quite familiar. LOL I received my Cricut Expression for Christmas and fell in love. I have been hunting cartridges and other items like a mad woman because I love, love, love a good deal. Then I was compelled to start a blog! Funny how crafting just kind of "takes us there". Enjoy! I am now a follower.

  2. You're a COLLECTOR darling-and there's nothing wrong with that!